19 Jun 2018

And Then, We’re Going To Pot...

Okay, not just yet but the path in that direction is slowly being paved and I fully believe it won’t be too long before cannabis becomes legal.

I seem to remember, back in the dark ages, the TV would start transmitting early evening and shut down a bit before midnight. Then the government of the day encountered some pretty big trouble and the natives were becoming increasingly restless and threatening to take to the streets in great numbers and, as if by magic, the TV was working all day thus keeping a huge number of potential troublemakers strapped to their sofas.

Now it’s not often I’m right and I may well be wrong again but that’s close to wot I remember happening. And wasn’t there another going-on and the suspicion that the unwashed may take to the streets again herald the introduction of all-day licensing of the pubs? Potential trouble averted so now wot to do to curb the escalating alcohol intake? Got it! Ban smoking in pubs an’ such.  That’ll cool their jets.

Anyhoo, not too long after that the TV became known as the opiate of the people.

And now? I believe those up there are fully aware that us down here are just about at tethers end. Wot to do? Why turn a proper opiate loose  on us of course. Take to the streets? Many would if they could just stop laughing long enough to be able to find their front doors. JD.

Tin foil hat on? You ever get the feeling we’re being played?


Bringing up the rear - and the use of the word ‘rear’ will become clear at the closing of this bit – I was queuing to pay for gas after filling the car when I glanced to my left at an upright freezer containing a selection of frozen meals. Wot caught my aging eyes was a rather tasty picture which announced it was chicken. However, the second word of the dish gave me pause for thought and made me wonder if these frozen meal producers had given up all pretence of hiding wot they bung within. I left the queue to double check and within seconds re-joined, mind at ease, after discovering the second word was not wot I suspected but was in fact ‘casserole’.

Quote;  ??

Police Officer to the pothead: “How high are you, son?” Pothead laughs: “No officer, it’s “Hi, How are you?”

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