18 Jun 2018

And Then An Apology...

...to commenters since a little bit after a while ago. You commented and it would seem I ignored you and it doesn’t get much ruder than that does it? Firstly, thank you for the comments but most importantly, please accept my most humble and sincere apologies for not responding. Here’s my attempt at an excuse.

I was alerted, via a post by A. K. Haart, that stuff had change within Blogger and I’ll be investigating later. I believe it may be down to one of they EU directives that’ll probably transpire to be another little nibble at our freedoms wrapped up as protecting privacy.

I tend to type a post, assume it’s big enough to take care of itself so hit publish and set it free to find it’s own way in the world. Then, unless I’m looking for something relevant to a new bit o’ typing to link back to, I never return to posts.

Up until recently, should that post attract a comment, Google was good enough to inform me via E-mail thus I would know about it and be able to respond in a timely manner. For I know not how long now, E-mail alerts have ceased.

Once again, my most sincere apologies to the commenters. Oh, and I agree whole heartedly with all recent comments and please find an old favourite below for your enjoyment. Remember, we are the many and will be proved right in the  fullness of time... The last line of a letter from Mr Robinson:
The establishment thought this would close the book instead the public have just turned the page to continue the next chapter.


Tough call between the above and this one. Now there’s a project for someone; edit that to reflect the present state we find ourselves in right here. Avoiding gaol of course.

As a final note, the site mentioned a few days ago, Going Postal, has some excellent articles well worth the read but entering the comment area is akin to walking into the biggest pub you could imagine but, damn, you have to be quick to get a table near the bar! I’d post the above toon if I could get in early enough. Sadly, I usually end-up standing way, way over there at the back by the bogs. Never mind, as they used to say in times gone by, ‘The crack was good in Cricklewood...’

NOTE: Just checked and Blogger has a problem with E-mail comment notifications and is working on a fix. That was posted on 31 May so the problem or the fix must be a doozey.

Quote;  Benjamin Franklin.

“Never ruin an apology with an excuse.”


A K Haart said...

Strange how these improvements we never asked for tend to break something or make things worse.

Mac said...

A. K. Haart,
How true. Could that be why they're considering making pot legal? So folk get and stay wasted and have no idea what's going on at all?