7 Jun 2018

And Then That Brexit...

Any idea how that Brexit thingy’s going? You remember that vote we had, back in the mists of time, when me and many more voted for leaving the EU? Remember that happy feeling you had the day after casting your vote upon discovering that, against all the odds, us leave folk had got the majority at the box? Wherefore art we now? We’re still in the EU, right? So what’s going on?

Please don’t ask me as I have absolutely no idea what’s going on other than lots of negotiating relating to how much stuff the UK will give away and I honestly believe we aren’t really leaving. I find it impossible to believe that our ‘highly intelligent’  betters, with their fingers on the pulse of World affairs, can’t see wot even a dumb ass such as I can see;  the EU is on a cliff edge. Do our betters really want us to go over the edge with it? Or have they been instructed to keep us in by them over there because they’re going to need a really big bailout bucket come tipping point...

I thought leaving the comforting skirts of the EU was going to put us on a cliff edge. A cliff edge to the left of us; a cliff edge to the right of us.

If we’re stitched-up will it kick-off? Let’s hope those in high places get it together and do wot the result of the vote instructed them to do before it does. Fat chance? Fat chance. And they’re concerned about the rise of the ‘far right’? They’re doing everything they can to give it all the support they dread with the way they’re kicking cans and caving in to all demands at the moment are they not?

Quote;  Konrad Adenauer.

“The one sure way to conciliate a tiger is to allow oneself to be devoured.”

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