4 Jun 2018

And Then, Skirting Round...

Okay, important stuff first. It was lunchtime thus time for lunch a few days ago and we felt the car pulling into one of they sizzling pubs so in we went. That would be the car park we pulled into. We walked into the pub. I was amazed to discover that the food manager for this particular pub grub chain obviously reads this Blog and in particular my post of praise regarding my recently discovered dish. Wot? Yup, right there, first page was crispy beef in chilli sauce with peppers an’ such.

Did I have it? Have it indeed I did and it was good. Sure it cost the equivalent of two takeaways but, hay, you have to add the cost for the utilities of the place, the waitresses, bar staff and the microwave operative, right?

And now for another in that irregular series that’s becoming all to regular; down and down we go. You seen this? Yup, another head shaker from a head teacher. One wonders if this headmistress, obviously a fierce defender of our education system and the importance of gender neutral dress codes, has the same views regarding any child of our newest bestest ever friends should they rock up in a bin bag. The kicker? This ‘policy’ was, allegedly, drawn-up with the agreement of the parents.

Now I apologise for belonging to a bygone age, but I’m pretty sure us lads weren’t allowed to wear long trousers at all ‘till we started secondary school at age eleven plus; and even when allowed I sure don’t remember being given the choice between shorts, full length flannels or a frock. Short trousers; See? I’m right. They’re mentioned in the comments here.

Hello? Is there anyone up there who’s responsible for schools and education? Don’t look like it do it?

Finally, I caught a bit of that speech regarding terrorism by Savage Javelin and the bit wot stuck was the bit about some fellows being radicalised by computers. No, not the Net – computers. Wonder wot that’s the first drip of that’s due down the line sometime soon.  My wild guess would be the mandatory registering, licensing, renewable yearly, at great cost, of anything that can access what will be left of the Net at that time. Your mandatory talking tin can will be exempt of course.
”Yo, tin can, where can I buy a ‘puter keyboard?”
”Busy right now; I’m just telling the mother ship that you’re building your own computer. Better open your front door now before it gets kicked in.”

Quote;  William A. Ward.

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

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