2 Jun 2018

And Then, School Lunch...

Down and down we go. If you haven’t seen this, read and weep.

In these days when, so it’s reported, many young kids – and indeed many not so young – have no idea where even milk comes from, how about the parents getting hold of the headmistress, who looks suspiciously like she should still be in school by the way, and getting  her to personally arrange and take the little treasures on a trip to an halal slaughterhouse.  Veganism beckons...

And for my second ‘If you haven’t seen this’, have you seen this? Seems like the death knell of freedom to type and to link to other stuff is imminent so I’d better make haste with the last bit below. Would a VPN shake the chains off? I’ve used Tor Firefox when I was working far away so I could access the UK lottery, and how sad is that then? It’s slow but slow has to be a hundred percent improvement over nothing, right?

I have but one more ‘if you haven’t seen this’ for you this wet Saturday. Have you seen this? Just a link without any of that screen filling wizardry as the comments are worth a perusal. The end of this chaps speech is spookily lacking in applause...

Just a quick note on the introduction of censorship of the Inter-Web. This morning my little nest of vipers decided it was time to wash the spare duvet. Wot to do? Search Google for the best method of course. Best answer? “Follow instructions on label attached to duvet.” Damn! On reflection, it could be a good idea to shut the Web down all together. Who was it said, Google can give you one hundred thousand answers but a librarian can give you the right answer.

Oh, and please do go over to Nourishing Obscurity and read the old letter. Priceless; right up there with this classic.

Finally, and please don’t ask me wot it’s about, but consider yourselves notified regarding something or other regarding wot I’m not sure – cookies? Data mining? Something to do with that bar thingy up top? No idea and if they’re shutting us down soon anyway, no interest.

Quote;  George R. R. Martin.

“When you tear out a man's tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you're only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”

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