1 Jun 2018

And Then, Away days...

I see one ‘Free Tommy’ petition has hit five hundred and sixty thousand plus and the government petition to ensure his safety while locked-up has been rejected. Weird how that works...

Meanwhile I see that old London town suffered yet another night of mayhem, too many to link to, and one has to wonder why it seems that nice Mrs May-cant-be-Bothered to do anything. Oh, wait, it’s half term isn’t it. Has the mayor of our capitol city got a grip yet?

Anyhoo, let’s go donkey riding. Timidadians, don’t be alarmed. Back in the day that would be slang for the widely used form of marine engine used to power mans boats hence the name donkey greaser for the engine room equivalent to seamen.


Quote;  Tacitus.

“Great empires are not maintained by timidity.”

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