29 May 2018

And Then It’s False...

Wot’s false then? The main news? Possibly, but this relates to another genie that our ‘leaders’ decided would be so much better out of the bottle than kept within.

With the country heading towards who knows what with folk being disappeared off the streets, our media are expending countless words on earth shattering stuff like this? A bunch of women decided to identify as men and ‘invaded’ a men only lido. It really is a blue do and it seems there’s little to no hope for us.

Here’s one of those women persons and the photo caption helpfully points out the fact that the beard is false. And the world is watching us...


Interestingly, and right on time, I see the medical staff wot took care of the Skripals – they ‘disappeared’ yet? -  have ‘broken cover’ to state how amazed they are that any of them and the Skripals survived. Tell you wot, if I’d purchased a pack of that there deadly nerve agent, I’d be wanting my money back.

I’m guessing you’ve seen the latest from Paul Weston but just in case... I’ll bet there’s many an ‘elite’ sphincter severely puckered-up right now as the total enormity of their cock-up  regarding their handling of Rommy Tobinson sinks in. Wot to do? Keep him ‘disappeared’ and pray the pressure cooker lid doesn’t blow or release the fellow and ride the storm of the information it’s alleged he has relating to some folk up there in high office and the police. Tough call. Bummer.

Anyhoo, back to believing half of what I see and nothing  that I hear and this evening I’m going to identify as an amoeba.
No brain - no pain.

Quote;  Thomas Sowell.

“The media are less a window on reality, than a stage on which officials and journalists perform self-scripted, self-serving fictions.”

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Anonymous said...

The Establishment have overstepped the mark this time and by some way. Rather than address the root cause they choose to come down like a ton of bricks on anyone who even dares to complain and point out what is plain for all to see. Tommy was a thorn in their side, an unwelcome guest at a posh do. Please don't try and tell me that the Police weren't out to get him when the charged him with that mortgage details malarky. Mandlesbum did much worse, but strangely he got away with it.

Funny how swift Plod could be in dispatching Tommy to prison within hours yet were strangely absent when Muslim rape gangs (for that is what they are) were raping young white girls. In fact they looked the other way, "lost" vital evidence and one PC who did speak out had an "accident" and is now dead.

It absolutely stinks to high heaven. They are now in a very tricky situation. They have 3 choices. release Tommy immediately, which means they accept they were wrong, and that they must address the problem - that won't happen. Tommy gets executed by the state (courtesy of muslim inmates) which will make him a martyr, or he completes his sentence and is back on the streets in 13 months to pick up where he left off.

They're stuffed big style. What they have done is to pour petrol on the embers - they now have a raging fire.