11 Jun 2018

And Then A Singapore...

With Trumpton, that no hoper the establishment, and the BBC of course, hate with a vengeance, having a face-to-face with Kimmy tomorrow, if you don’t do anything else this evening, please, please click this and watch the video. NOTE: Check the speaker icon in the video screen. When I go there it’s set to ‘mute’.

The video pièce de résistance for me? Assange snatching that Gmail handbag from Hillary. Genius!

I’m still laughing. Not sure if I’m laughing at the video itself or laughing at all the liberals and the loony left going into meltdown because he didn’t tow the line at that G-7 knees-up and instead stood the corner for those that elected him. If that wasn’t enough they’ll be apoplectic with rage if there’s even the merest hint of any sort of success in Singapore.

Add to all this the news that the ‘new boy’ in Italy has, as promised to his people, refused permission for that gimmigrant taxi boat to dock in his country – another meltdown for the BBC – which pretty well throws another sharp clawed cat amongst the elite pidgins, and things are shaping up for a long, hot interesting summer. Let’s not forget ol’ Tommy and that Brexit thingy in the mix of course...

Quote;  Theodore J. Kaczynski.

“It is obvious that leftists are not cool-headed logicians systematically analyzing the foundations of knowledge. They are deeply involved emotionally in their attack on truth and reality.”

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