12 Jun 2018

And Then, Handshakes...

Well, so, it seems Trumpton and Kimmy did good stuff in Singapore and it looks like they’re both going to cool their jets but it takes a bit o’ digging in the MSM mire to find any positive bits does it not and that nice John Sopel-opera made great use of the ‘but’ word on the BBC this AM. I was expecting the headline on their Web page to run something along these lines, “Korean peninsular  may become free of nuclear weapons despite Trump and Brexit...”  I may well have missed it but it seems climate change hasn’t been wrapped into it at time of typing.

As for the call to award Trumpton the Nobel Peace Prize, wot I’d love to see is the award go not to Trumpton but to Kimmy. Now that would cause a meltdown to end all meltdowns.

In other news it seems that Arron Banks is running rings round the committee supposedly grilling him on his connection with those pesky reds during the run up to the leave/remain vote. Love it.

Bringing up the rear I sneakily snuck into the Telegraph and pinched a comment on their bit about that there gimmigrant taxi-boat. A most fortuitous  comment as today I’m identifying as a squirrel again. Pardon? No, male.
Thank you Anthony Bargain. Apologies for the copy and paste by stealth.

Sciurus Carolinensis (or grey squirrels) first settled in Henbury Park, Cheshire in 1876.
Their apparent plight and stories of suffering were readily accepted by the existing population.
But the grey squirrel numbers grew much more rapidly than anticipated. There were many who could see that the growing population would be a problem. But those voices of truth were ignored and silenced by the controlling elite of the time.
But then, with apparent ignorance of the warnings, the grey squirrels turned from being a minority into a significant majority. They forced the existing population, that had so generously welcomed them, into a few remote and safe enclaves.
And all this happened in less than 25 years.

Quote;  martin Millar.

“Hello," said Brannoc politely, despite his terrible hangover.
"What the hell are you?" demanded the squirrel.
"We are fairies," answered Brannoc, and the squirrel fell on the grass laughing, because New York squirrels are cynical creatures and do not believe in fairies.”

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