14 Jun 2018

And Then, Several Seconds Of Silence...

Dear media,
   Please,  we all got the virtue signal many months ago but you’ve still been relentlessly plugging away at it daily for a year now; Grenfell is all down to ol’ righty-whitey, right? We understand so please leave us alone now. Of course we have sympathy for those who lost their lives but the here and now?We’ll rent asunder our cloths in the privacy of our own homes during moments of guilt anxiety so please, drop it and move on after todays media wall-to-wall Grenfell Sob-a-Thon. 
   Tower Overload

Just one, oft covered elsewhere, item if you will. Seems Grenfell had 120 one and two bedroom apartments which between them gave a total of 200 bedrooms. Sadly, seventy two folk lost their lives. However, according to the Independent... well, read it and see if you can do the maths. Below is the basics of the their test:

The council spent £235m on buying 307 properties... but just 81 of these have been moved into. A total of 129 Grenfell households – more than half of those that escaped the blaze – are yet to be permanently housed, with 72 of these stuck in emergency accommodation.

I’m lost; it beats me but I’m not too hot with maths.

Quote;  James Newman.

“The most painful thing about mathematics is how far away you are from being able to use it after you have learned it.”

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