22 May 2018

And Then The News...

First up and further to the search for a new news portal, try this; it’s the old Google news format. Sadly, I don’t see a link to UK News down left the ways but type ‘UK’ in the search bar will get you there. Easier on the eyes and the content seems a tad more ‘grown up’. However, one headline that jumped out in the tech section was this. High-end router flinger Dray Tek admits to zero day in bunch of Vigor kit.” What the hell does that even mean?

Two up, isn’t it sad that the death of so many kids a year ago has been transformed into some sort of lovefest jamboree? Also seems, from wot I’ve seen, the media have managed to flank any mention as to any possible ‘motive’ or any religious affiliation the bomber may have had. How sad. Compare and contrast with the naked outrage concerning that towering ‘faulty fridge’ inferno. By-the-by, where is that fridge’ fellow? Last seen with the Skripals riding Shergar?

Number three would be the news of war being declared on wood burning stoves. Remember  when diesel cars  were good? Did you follow the ‘advice’ and buy a diesel car? Good; diesel cars bad now then. Wood burners good. No! Wait!  Too many folk switching to wood burning thus ‘conventional’ power suppliers are losing customers thus revenue thus the government  is losing tax take. Okay, wood burners bad then.

I’m going to make a bet with me. And that bet would be? Using ‘clean air’ as an excuse, I bet all bonfires will soon be banned and under the cover of that ban,  they’ll  ban  Guy Fawkes night bonfires to include fireworks thus delivering yet another sound butt kicking to another bit of Britishness.

Tell you wot, that rabbit hole we’re spiralling down was burrowed by a jolly big, very fit rabbit.

Quote;  Carl Sandburg.

“All politicians should have 3 hats - one to throw into the ring, one to talk through and one to pull rabbits out of if elected.”


Ripper said...

>> “High-end router flinger Dray Tek admits to zero day in bunch of Vigor kit.” What the hell does that even mean?

It means that an internet router is being sold with a zero day exploit hidden in its software. The manufacturer has known about it for ages but only just admitted it - kind of like the hidden block of code in the software of VW diesel cars. The router manufacturer would have access to all its customer's private data.

Mac said...

Thanks for the translation - I did click through by the way.
What I was crying about was the poor quality of headline writing these days. Here’s one from today;
“Stop the moped madness: New plan to give protect police in crime chases”
And if really fancy a translation challenge, try this which starts thus;
“This means: not renouncing the noetic that transitionally infinitizes its objects...”

Ripper said...

Jeez Mac, I bet you can translate that! The other headline is more down to ignorance/illiteracy/laziness on the hack's part. I can understand what its about without reading the article, there's nothing basically wrong with it apart from a spelling mistake which makes it look so stupid. It should read:

“Stop the moped madness: New plan to give protectION TO police in crime chases”

Mac said...

Yes I know. My beef was with the sloppy English. Where is the editor? Didn’t the writer give one second to read what he’d just typed? My sad words are checked a couple of times before I hit publish. Okay, mistakes get through but that guy is getting a wage for that sloppyness and that’s what I find sad.