20 May 2018

And Then It Gets Edgy...

Further to the recent Windows 10 update, may I offer an observation that may, just may, help a slack handful of folk out there.

This occurred after I’d cried about the slowness of Firefox and decided to try something else. Something else being that Microsoft ‘built-in’ browser, Edge. On the upside, I was quite surprised to see how quickly it loaded. However the downside was quite a ways down as I couldn’t type anything anywhere. So a major Microsoft update renders a bit of built-in Microsoft kit unusable? Bummer.

I don’t use Edge but it became a challenge – and how do you approach such a challenge? Why, Google of course. Seems I wasn’t alone and I tried all the offered remedies with no success.

Then, way down in one bunch of comments, what I believe is called a thread, I spotted some fellow had mentioned a bit o’ kit called KeyScrambler wot I have installed. This program does wot it says and scrambles the keys you type in your browser, passwords an’ such, just in case a key logger has sneaked into your computer. No, it doesn’t get rid of key loggers, it just makes it impossible{?} for key loggers to make sense of your key strokes. Every little helps as they say. Pardon? No, surprisingly, I use the free version.

Anyhoo, I have it set to start with Windows and that commenters ‘fix’ was that after disabling KeyScrambler typing in Edge became possible. I tried it and Robert’s your mothers brother, it worked. So there you go. If you update Windows, use Edge and have KeyScrambler and find you can’t type in Edge, give it a try. Worked for me.

I did uninstall and reload Scrambler but the Edge problem is still there. So a problem that doesn’t really affect me but just had to be figured out, has been figured out. Why did I bother? Because it was there? Go figure.

Oh, and my apologies to you Billy boy; third party kit this time. For me anyway.

Quote;  Gene Spafford.

“The only truly secure system is one that is powered off, cast in a block of concrete and sealed in a lead-lined room with armed guards.”

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