19 May 2018

And Then, It’s Over...

Or is it? Wot? Why that wedding of course. The question is, is it a one day affair for TV or will it be looped for the next two weeks or so?

Anyhoo, one good thing about it is this bit of comfort. Next time you feel you’re having a bad day, think on this. Put yourself in the shoes of some top ranking security fellow at about three months past. Your sitting in you office, checking Twatter for any critical intelligence information when there’s a knock on the door and big honcho number one walks in, sits and proceeds to make small-talk. He then stands, walks to the door, stops, turns and says, “Oh, by the way, nearly forgot; I’m putting you in charge of all safety, security and anti-terror measures relating to the upcoming royal big day thingy. Bu-by.” Imagine how the ass dropped out of that chaps world?

See? Things ain't as bad as you thought.

Quote;  ??

“I now pronounce you man and wife; you may now change your Facebook status.”


Caratacus said...

Been there (almost) - organising security for a TV station many years ago when Sam Fox was due to make an appearance. However, the lady who passed the job on to me at least had the good grace to mock up a chitty for some industrial strength condoms by way of lightening the moment. My biggest headache was choosing personnel who wouldn't have their tongues banging on their boots (imagine that from a cast of recently retired bootnecks and matelots) or their underwear tangling their ankles as they trundled about the place. Eee - happy days!

Mac said...

Lovely lady and a lovely story. I do hope it had a happy ending - if you get my drift...
Happy daze? I wake every morning wondering what happened to all the fun in the world.