23 May 2018

And Then, Fat Kids Again...

Sad lad wot I am, I had the dubious pleasure of catching Prime Ministers Questions today. Sama-Sama but one topic I caught is more of that total tommy-rot regarding  sugar and fat kids. I repeat, boringly, the result of my almost daily study as the kids go to and from the school not too far from where we be. I see no fat kids. However, there’s many a mummy that’s a tad wide at the waist.

Anyhoo, it seems there’s this thing being put about that all school kids should run a mile a day. I, me and myself have what I believe would be a far better idea and if you live anywhere near a school I do believe you’ll be in favour.

Sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin. On a daily class by class rotor, arm the little treasures with a bag and send them out, rain or shine, collecting litter along the streets neighbouring their school for an hour. Say wot? Give them one of they grabby, picky-up stick thingies? Absolutely not. Make ‘em walk, stop, bend, straighten up, walk, stop, bend...

This would achieve many important aims. It’d go towards keeping ‘em fit, clean the neighbourhood – hell, most of the litter was dropped by the little treasures in the first place – and thus instil a little civic respect and pride into their iPhone shaped heads. As an added plus, council street cleaners could concentrate resources to other, high traffic areas.

No, it’s not just kids that drop litter but adopting the above, as the little dears grow-up and leave school,  they will fully understand, respect and automatically obey the simple rule of using the provided trash cans or to take their trash home.

Quote;  Joey Adams.

“If it weren’t for the fact that the TV set and the refrigerator are so far apart, some of us wouldn’t get any exercise at all.


Ripper said...

I find Christmas morning to be quite saddening nowadays. When we moved here in the mid 80's, each Christmas morning we would wake to the sound of children out in the street, playing on new bikes or with new toys. My own kids couldn't wait to get out. Now, complete silence - it feels like a ghost town.

Mac said...

So true regarding kids playing. As stated I live close to a primary school and once they’re collected - never spotted a kid making their own way home - they’re never seen again ‘till the next day when they’re trooping back to school. What happens to them? Are they kept in padded protective custody?