9 Feb 2018

And Then, Watch What You Say...

I see some young chap in charge of a country, after a lady mentioned ‘mankind’, remonstrated with her and suggested the word ‘peoplekind’ should be used. Amazingly, this little fellow is the Prime Minister of a country the same size as Canada. He’s what? It is Canada? Oh dear... Seems the bad boy is now wriggling and passing it off as a naughty boy joke.

How long before using a simple salutation such as ‘good morning’ will result in some sort of frenzied response such as, ‘How very dare you wish me a good morning! What gives you the right to assume it’s a good morning for me? I need my safe space right now!’

Talk of Canada sent me spinning back to the time when man’s boat I was on back then sprang a leak and we had to pull into St Johns, Newfoundland for emergence repairs, as you do when you’re sinking with two thousand tons of iron ore on board. Anyhoo, if you think you know a few folk who like to party hearty, trust me, those Newfies take it to whole different level so let’s have a little bit of Great Big Sea.

All numbers obviously benefit from the use of head phones or lug-buds. The first track is for the world we’re presently having to cope with; Bring on the Clowns, The Jokers and Buffoons.


Then we’ll partake of a glass or several of the Old Black Rum.


You wanna go mermaid hunting? 


Paddy’s last party? TIMIDADIAN caution advised.


That is it for Great Big Sea but while browsing YouTube for the closing number I ran into this  and it follows right on from the above number. Darkly hilarious. DEFCON 3 TIMIDADIAN ALERT:


DEFCON 5 TIMIDADIAN ALERT SQUARED: Below is also NOT Great Big Sea and is NOT for the even slightly easily offended or any with even a hint of timidity about them as it goes totally against all present PC, thought and speech conventions and as such may well soon be thrown into the bin of the forbidden. However it does announce the end of this musical interlude fairly succinctly. Man, where did the years go since I first heard this one? Tell you wot, it was a lot of years before that double-u double-u double-u thingy got glued together. Have a great weekend b’y.


Quote; Newfie Speak.

“Stay where you’re to ‘til I comes where you’re at.”

Translation: Stay where you are until I get there.

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