12 Feb 2018

And Then, Make Your Mind Up...

You’ve probably noticed that those charity revelations are grabbing the headlines right now but wot I find most surprising about the whole sordid story is how many supposedly intelligent folk are saying how surprised they are.

The main thing I’ve noticed, as I’m sure you have, which I find a tad confusing, is the contrast in outrage being dished out between the two recent headline grabbers; those predominantly lefty charity thingies with their alleged ‘use’ of shady ladies of the night and worse, and a bunch of rich  ‘righty’ old boys having a lads night out on the razz.

The charities take our money, either directly by folk giving, or indirectly via the government deciding I want to give, then head off to party hearty; allegedly. These revelations have been greeted with great shock but continually reported with the very important addendum that the charities do wonderful work and thus we shouldn’t tar all their folk with the same brush and anyway a little naughtiness is a price well worth paying for the greater good, right?

However, the rich old boys having a lads night out with hostesses in attendance and in so doing securing huge amounts of freely donated money for kids hospitals and many other worthy causes are instantly and loudly condemned, one and all, as evil beyond words. Result? Many worthy causes lose money, a bunch of ladies lose money and the old boys club hoists the white flag, winds down and is then finally abandoned never to collect and donate again.

Presidents Club employing hostesses for the evening? No room on the perpetually outraged bus and the femibully train was an overloaded sight to behold.

Charity fellows taking total advantage of ladies and kids using their power to give a little to those with nothing in disastrous conditions? No sign of the outrage bus at time of typing and the 3:10 from FemiYouMe still seems to be standing silently in a siding somewhere.

Quote;  Greg Gutfeld.

“People ask me what I am politically and I've previously offered this equation: I became a conservative by being around liberals. And I became a libertarian after being around conservatives.”

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