13 Feb 2018

And Then An Important Complaint...

With everything going on in the world and, indeed, in everyone's day-to-day lives, it’s very easy for us to overlook the really important stuff that can influence all our lives for the better. Below is a case in question. What do you see? Same as me? Some safety labels depicting the safe positioning of a child in a shopping trolley, right? Okay, the need for said labelling is kind o’ sad but, what the hay, we are where we are. 

In you daily humdrum round of work and play, you’ve missed an incredibly important point that really, really needs urgent action but fortunately for all of us, a good lady has taken it upon herself to mount her Twattering keyboard and complain bitterly to the supermarket chain who’s trollies they are, about the obvious sexism in those truly terrible labels. Yup, ‘everyday sexism’ as the labels only depict a silhouette of someone in a dress suggesting that men never shop. It seems some fellow’s joined in and is quoted thus; “Tesco needs to stop this gender apartheid.” Hay! Stop laughing! This is some serious shit going down here, okay?

Sadly, it seems the supermarket chain is in the process of rolling over and rolling out trollies with ‘gender neutral’ safety signage.

So there you are; another day, another heinous wrong has been corrected. Sleep easy now children.

Okay, let’s go yet further down the rabbit hole...

Quote;  ??

“Don’t grow up; it’s a trap.”

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