28 Feb 2018

And Then, Someone Stops It...

No sooner had the pixels hit the screen in last nights post than  this hits the airwaves. Kids ‘banned’ from even touching snow? How sad can it get? And don’t for a minute think this fellow is alone. He was just the nutter who wanted his five minutes of infamy.  However, check out a couple of comments to last nights post to see how, with minimum effort, we could all assist nanny to take playing in snow to a whole new level of insanity. I’ll give those comments, fun today, two years before someone, somewhere enforces them. I apologise in advance, okay? To pinch a quote from Paul Joseph Watson, another ‘say it like it is’ chap It’d be good to spend time in a pub with,  things like this are the reason aliens won’t talk to us.

Lordy-Lordy, where are we heading? Tell you wot, that Brexit cliff edge they talk of is nothing to the real cliff edge we seem to be careening towards with no one in the driving seat.

For a little light relief, try something I ran into; a bit of American Celtic punk. Say what now? Yeah, I may be old but, whenever that was out and about, that genre went right past me. I can relate to the words but not the body art. Tattooing was supposedly popular with those that did business on the sea but I don’t remember seeing much ink back in the day and the ink I remember was, indeed, a simple rose dedicated to family.   Anyhoo, an  interesting sound.


Quote;  Markus Zusak.

“A snowball in the face is surely the perfect beginning to a lasting friendship.”

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