1 Mar 2018

And Then It’s A Gas...

As the media continue to excitedly report on the adverse weather conditions and the apparent misery being inflicted on one and all by said weather, all reported by mainly young lady reporters standing in the wind and snow in various locations around the country, I can confirm one point they’re repeatedly making, it for sure is damn cold. Anyhoo, this morning that form of news lasted wot seemed like forever.

Finally they switched to the young lady linker reporter in the studio who stated there was a close to critical shortage of gas in the system at present owing to high demand and, despite continually telling those outside reporters how cold they looked and just telling folk at home not to travel but stay home and keep warm, asked an expert, “So what do you think is causing this huge spike in gas demand?” I’m honestly not sure which way this works. Are these presenters and reporters really as thick as a brick or are they convinced their audience really is dumber un a rock? Bit of two way traffic?

Amazingly, the ‘expert’ kept clam, didn’t blink and said it was probably due to the particularly cold weather we’re experiencing. It was the BBC so the ‘expert’ managed to work in the point that wind was a major contributor of electrickery generation right now. At the conclusion of that stunningly probing and informative exchange, I pulled on a woolly pulley and went for a wander.

It is this level of journalism that decided me on the plural form for more than one journalist that I used the other day; a scribble of reporters? No, a thicket of reporters. I could go on. A thicket of MP’s? Academics? Teachers? Pardon? Bushes you say? Oh, please, bushes have feelings you know.

Quote;  Mark Twain.

“Cold! If the thermometer had been an inch longer we'd have frozen to death.”


A K Haart said...

Did the ‘expert’ manage to work in a point about solar panels as well as the wind? I'll make a wild guess on that one - no.

Mac said...

A K Haart,
This may surprise you, but your wild guess at no mention of solar was absolutely spot on the money!
However, I’ve just heard the BBC state that this bitterly cold weather is proof that global warming is accelerating at an alarming pace. Glad that's been cleared up.