9 Jan 2018

And Then, She Builds...

Well, so, almost there with the DIY. Almost, just fun bits now. Surprisingly, the one job I was dreading, changing the kitchen taps, proved to be the easy, straight-forward job. So easy was it, I’m tempted to do it again. I might even hook-up the water this time...

Anyhoo, I see Mrs May-Do is in amongst the DIY stuff herself and is busy building a cabinet. May I offer a little advice Mrs May-Collapse? If, as I’m guessing, it’s an IKEA cabinet, please, please don’t bother trying to follow the instructions or you’ll find – too late - that you’ve built a rather large, left leaning, sickly, soggy sponge pudding.

Ignore the instructions and just trust to your instincts. However, please note that you’ll definitely be missing, at an absolute minimum, four critical dowel pins. I’ll also wager you’re going to end up with a cabinet that’s got a few screws loose. But, going by your past cabinet building debacles, you’ll be well aware of these pitfalls, right? Lessons learned an’ all that? Right?

Really, these folk are the best we have? And they have the neck to mock Trumpton? Ah shacks ma heed.

Quote;  From the long gone The Brains Trust.

“Chapter 56 verses 87–201 of The Corinthian Letters bear an uncanny resemblance to the instructions for assembling an IKEA pine double wardrobe.”

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