5 Jan 2018

And Then, Confusion...

There I was, on my third coffee of the AM still deciding wot to be today; A cat? A squirrel? I know! A decorator! A man one! and listening to the radio when my ears pricked up bat like... damn, now wot am I? – upon hearing two items on the news. Top spot was, of course, the NHS and some government spokes-chap stated the old chestnut that one of the greatest problems was the aging population and how much longer folk are having the cheek to live thus making me feel a tad guilty.

The second item was the decline in UK new car sales. This, of course is the fault of that Brexit thingy but the fellow went on to state the the other factor was the huge drop in diesel car sales. He continued to say that, contrary to what the government told us all about diesel being able to change the climate, the ‘reality’ is that the exhaust is killing astronomical numbers of old people.

Thus my confusion. Are us old folk living longer or dropping like flies on the streets as a diesel goes by? 

A few points spring to mind. Shouldn’t the government be demanding the scrapping of all petrol and electric cars thus easing the supposed old folk strain on the NHS? Shouldn’t the two fellows have been locked in a room and left to fight  it out as to who’s live or let die statistics to argue for? NHS good or Brexit bad? Shouldn’t news programs limit themselves to just reporting the news?

Another point taken from wot was said is that diesel exhaust is so utterly lethal that it would seem our newest and bestest ever friends have no need to actually drive into folk at all; they just need to drive round and occasionally stop and idle the engine near a bus stop with a predominantly elderly queue. Job done and with the unintended consequence of also helping the NHS.

Anyhoo, here I am, driving around in a diesel, getting old by the day, more confused by the second and still cluttering the place up.

Quote;  C. S. Lewis.

“Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.”

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