3 Jan 2018

And Then, I Watch The News...

Whilst taking a lunch break from ceiling painting I watched the BBC news. Interestingly, I was yet again corrected in my understanding of geography by the reporter reporting on the troubles in Ararn. And there was me believing, for all these years, that it was Iran. I had to check to see if I’d also got the spelling wrong because, try as I may, I just couldn’t pronounce Iran to make it sound like Ararn. One wonders how many more mystery R’s are running around out there.

Top of the pops though was that old BBC favourite - the NHS in crises - with interviewee after interviewee bashing the government for underfunding the money-pit and thus creating the crises. True, the government is to blame. As was the last one as, although spookily never even hinted at let alone mentioned, it’s a total impossibility to allow the population of a small city into your home every year and still expect to be able to use your kitchen or the bathroom as and when you want or need to.

And the best and the brightest are supposedly running the country? If they are it leaves us down here to wonder, again, what the game plan really is. Never mind; back to painting the ceiling. I understand why I’m looking up to that. Those in charge may well be looking down on me but they give me absolutely no reason whatsoever to look up to them.

Quote;  Terry Pratchett.

“Geography is just physics slowed down, with a couple of trees stuck in it.”

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