31 Dec 2017

And Then, Here’s To The Next One...

Well, there goes 2017 with a whooshing sound and here comes 2018 so, against all the odds, we made it! However, I’ve never been a big New Year celebrator as, to me, it really don’t mean a whole hell of a lot. Why not celebrate the first of every month? Now that idea would be greeted with great joy by greeting card printers and sellers of such would it not?

Anyhoo, for those wot do celebrate this calendar event, here’s hoping that all your hopes, dreams and aspirations come to fruition in the coming year and, of course, the years to come thereafter. Best wishes to one and all. Or as the good Ripper put it back in the day, “...before the networks get clogged, we at Alzheimer's UK wish you a very happy Easter, and have a great 1983.”
Smile and the world smiles with you. Laugh at everything and you’ll get your own room with a strap-down bed.

Beware!! ‘Na Na Na Na Na’ may well sneak into your brain, unbidden, hide, then suddenly spring forth at four of the AM.


Just spotted that it shows 2015 at the end. Please refer to Ripper’s salutation above. Thank you.

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“Illegitimi non carborundum.”


Ripper said...

Happy New Year Mac!!

I normally wait until the stroke of midnight to send my greetings, but in my old age have started to suffer with premature congratulation.

Mac said...

Back at ya my friend.
Regarding old age, I hear you. With advancing years I’m finding it increasingly hard to figure out if I’m coming or going...

Ripper said...

Ah, well I've managed to figure out an easy way to tell. If I'm coming, its white, and if I'm going its a greeny/yellowish colour..

Mac said...

And that my friend, is why I keep a colour card by the bed.

Simon Cooper said...

Happy New Year, your steadfast dedication to keeping this blog going is admirable. To think that I was with you when you did your first one!



Mac said...

Well, blow me down with a greeting!! How the devil are you? Keeping good I hope.
Oh, and all the very best to you to Simon and just where did all those years go eh?
I’m guessing you’ve already been there but if not, and you want to go yet further back, clicking on Eye Spy The Past link at the left should warp you back to other times. See? It wasn’t all bad was it?