20 Jan 2018

And Then Scary Days Ahead...

As minority groups are slowly{?} taking over all thought processes and defining what it’s acceptable for anyone to say in this brave new world, may I suggest you pour yourself a stiff drink and try this quite long video relating, primarily, with free speech.  On second thoughts, have a good few stiff drinks before doing the clicky thingy. The link, spookily, brings up the rear...

Anyhoo, the video started with the bending of pronouns and I was wondering where the young lady who’s convinced she’s a cat fits in, then along comes news that those folk wish to be called Other Kin. I think I heard that right. Or was it Other Skin? Trans Species? What about gender confused folk up there in Scotland then? Trans-fan-dabby-dozy?

Now the flood gates are open there isn’t going to be an end to this until, eventually, the only safe space(TM) for normal folk to escape from this insanity and feel free to speak will be in the lunatic asylums. Why not? It would seem the end game is to empty those places and let the nutters all run free. However, look past the gender stuff and see what’s slowly{?} happening to wot you will be, are now, allowed to say out loud.

Please don’t watch the video and say, “Well, we’re at the bottom now.” as it’s a given that, even as I type,  someone somewhere is about to shout, “Dive! Dive! Dive!”

Well, so, without further ado, Dive! Dive! Dive! and be afraid. Very afraid.

Quote;  J. G. Ballard.

“In a completely sane world, madness is the only freedom.”


Ripper said...

A brilliant post as usual Mac. I have just 2 words - 'Common Purpose'. In fact, make that 4 words - 'Common Purpose' and 'Neuro Linguistics'.

Mac said...

Thank you; you’re too kind. I really don’t think ’Neuro Linguistics’ is going to catch on round the message boards and chat pages of the Gala- lala type bingo Web sites though...
This Professor Peterson is my new hero. I’m sure you’ve seen round the Web those tube links stating watch so-and-so destroy so-and-so, or so-and-so gets owned by so-and-so, then follow the link only to be somewhat disappointed and I’m guessing you’ve watched the CH4 interview featuring Catty Newman? I have to say, this one doesn’t completely disappoint. I'm also betting the Professor isn't invited onto UK TV again any time soon...
If you missed it, the whole cringeworthy interview is here and it seems this, or variants thereof, have been watched by what Diane Abbot would call Carillions of folk;

But the highlight, for me, is here ‘Ha! Gotcha.’

Then watch whole thing get ‘analysed’ here;

Enjoy your Sunday viewing my friend.