21 Jan 2018

And Then, Worth A Look...

Further to that Professor Peterson Channel 4 interview – and if you haven’t seen it, there are links to it in a comment to the last post – and of which the best comment to the video I saw was; “This was like trying to explain email to your grandparents.”  I perchance ran into the somewhat edited version below which highlights the failure of the interviewer to grasp the fact that  she’s been beaten and the time has come for her to gracefully lay down her shovel and cease and desist digging;


There you go, “Stand up straight with your shoulders back.” and if you’re of an age, you’ll remember your folks drumming that into you.

Then, while clicking my way round the Inter-Verse I made a miss-click and ricochet into another video of wonder relating to that interview, by one Paul Weston, that’s worthy of a slot here rather than a comment link, and is well worth a few minutes of your time;


Nothing more to say other than, despite the best attempts of our media giants, there maybe just, just maybe, the merest hint of a flicker of light at the end of this long, very dark tunnel that we’re presently being prodded along.

Quote;  Brad Thor.

“Freedom of speech includes the freedom to offend people.”


Ripper said...

Mac - I watched all the videos recommended by you. I must say that I've never seen anyone utterly destroyed so well. Prof. Peterson was someone who I had heard of but never knew what he was about, so thank you for the introduction.

It may interest you that the Tap blog has also picked up on this today:


Although, I would not personally agree with the presenter receiving death threats and such. Or would/could this be a damage limitation tactic by C4? I don't think we'll ever know that, but I think I could hedge a guess seeing how viral this video has gone.

I hope to see more people like Prof. Peterson cropping up, who knows, this may be the beginning of the total destruction of the virus in our midst. We can only hope.

Mac said...

I’m quietly confident the good Professor won’t be invited into any UK TV or radio studio any time soon.
As for the threats, I agree with you but she may well have received a few and in light of the disastrous interview, were the Professor was supposed to be the ‘victim’ but quietly and politely turned the table upside-down then, rather than humbly admit they were well and truly beaten, they took those threats, however few, and attempted to claw back the moral high ground by screeching victim-hood themselves. All orchestrated by their head of news - one Mr Ben de Pear. Now there’s name to play with...