29 Jan 2018

And Then The Next In Line...

See how it goes? Of course you can see how it goes. It’s called surrendering and apologising. Where did it start most recently? This is a very short, very simplified history:
A fringe group decided smoking was bad and naughty. Within no time at all, those actually in charge of stuff ran up the white flag. The alcohol folk, who’ve been around a long time, stunned by the no smoke folks success, doubled down and are now making ‘progress’ with those in charge clipping the white flag to the lanyard as I type. Whoa!! A couple of ‘celebrity’ joyless jokers don’t like sugar but like publicity? And those in charge simperingly wobble along with it. Virtue signal about the ‘plight’ of those poor beardy kids in Calais? So very sorry, but we’ll let a city load in, okay now? Then there’s the Twatter outrage keyboard in action as you read.
And let’s not go down the LGBTQUERTY road or the call from someone nobody has ever heard of who wants to make misogyny a hate crime.

Now there’s a word; misogyny. When that word first reared its previously obscure head and became incredibly popular with the SJW crowd in the fairly recent past, how many folk of my age, never mind the youngerlings, had to reach for their dictionary... sorry, Google it to find out what the hell the word even meant? Now it’s suddenly close to becoming some weird unenforceable new law? I blame the suffragettes...

Anyhoo, according to the news this morning yet another fringe group, obviously encouraged by the sight of the white flag of constant surrender to anything and everything by those purported to be in charge of stuff, have started to congregate and protest, waving banners about an’ such, outside farms. And that group would be? Why vegans of course.

How long before we’re running a gauntlet of vegan whackos to get into the local supermarket? Then, how long before the supermarkets bow down to their demands? Seems it’s been fermenting for a while in the background but now it’s breaking into big news they’ll definitely be emboldened. Who and what will be next? By-the-by, please pause and spare a thought for any poor farmer who’s also allowing fracking on his land.

Never apologise, never surrender, never show weakness and never, ever give way to bullying or blackmail as, if you do, enough will never be enough. Too late came the cry from those that are supposed to be tough and in charge of stuff.

Addendum: I see those darts folk have bowed to bull... pressure and dropped the walk-on girls so that’s another lucrative revenue stream for the ladies shutdown. Way to go.

Quote;  Stephen Hunt.

“The bonds of friendship dwindle with age, Oliver. But a little blackmail lasts forever.”

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