28 Jan 2018

And Then A Bit Of A Do...

It seems a bunch of well heeled old chaps had an organised raunchy boys night out that, coincidentally, harvested huge amounts of money for worthy causes as indeed it seems it has done for many years.

However, this year, in line with the latest trends in castigating bad old boys, a female reporter, who’s obviously also one of the perpetually offended, got in under false pretences and wrote an article around this ungodly gathering and within half an hour, and entirely predictably, the double decked outrage bus was standing room only.

I’m typing this after seeing a Great Ormond Street kids hospital begging advert on TV. Spookily, after the reporting relating to those naughty old men partying and parting with their money, they’ve returned a donation they received from them of something in the region of a half million pounds.

Well done that hospital I say as, in this brave new world, a moments virtue signalling surely trumps a huge lump of free money to help towards treating sick kids. Or, if I’ve got that wrong,  get that begging advert off the TV as you obviously don’t need the money, right?

Can things get any more ridiculous than that wot we see around us? By-the-by, what is this Brexit thingy they talk of?  It’s Monday tomorrow and the start of another week of waiting with trepidation to see wot’s going to come forth from those super smart folk who inhabit the puzzle farm.

Anyhoo, let’s try not to give no never mind to any of it. Me? I’ve become comfortably numb. Says it all really.
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Quote;  Emily Bronte.

“Having leveled my palace, don't erect a hovel and complacently admire your own charity in giving me that for a home.”


Ripper said...

Have you seen Joe Rogan? He's an American comedian and martial arts commentator and one of the guys we are seeing just lately who is not fearful of telling it like it is. This is him wiping not only the floor but the walls, windows and doors as well with a feminist Nazi. Timidians need not watch since Joe uses foul language a lot - or as I prefer to call it - truth.


And here is one of Rogan's podcasts with a story similar to your GOS Hospital article, that demonstrates that lefty political correctness has now gone so far full circle that its beginning to eat itself.


And here he is again. Guess who he's talking to this time?


Finally Mac, go relax in your safe space and enjoy a modern remake of one of the most loved classic TV shows of all time. I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry.


Mac said...

No, don't know him so thanks for the links. That take care of another evenings entertainment.

Mac said...

I could be way behind you, but just in case, to show my thanks for the pointing me to those videos, here's a link back at ya. Requires big volume...


Ripper said...

Mac - thanks so much for that link, the last time I was there was 2008 (disguised as my honeymoon) and haven't been able to get back there since due to the timing of fixed works holidays. At work however, we did play host last year to one of the TT's most prolific riders to help him out on a project.


I really appreciated the video Mac. I would say that I will attend this year, however this house that I've recently moved into has no access for my bike, so its been stuck in son-in-law's bike shop for almost a year while I buy the place and make alterations (slow). Look - you set me off now...

Mac said...

Happy to help and glad you enjoyed it. Say wot now? No, that would be happy to help with links. You're on your own with the decorating. Softly, softly catchee paint drips as they say...