26 Jan 2018

And Then, So Quick...

Following on from the last post wherein I hypothesised that a news interview I’d just watched would soon be on the Tube of You, well I’ll be damned, here it is. Was that quick or wot?

So sit back and enjoy the Kay-Hurly-Burley of the news room. ‘You’re a munchkin in the media...’ Oh dear.


Quote;  Dave Barry.

“Local TV news finds the stupidest person they can, and if that person understands the story, they don't use it.


Ripper said...

Mac - as you know there have been lots of people providing Youtube analysis on the Peterson interview. Well, here is one from the man himself, and very enlightening it is too. It must have taken less than a second for him to work her out.


And while we are on the subject of free speech, I just love how this sjw gets destroyed totally by one simple, yet polite question. At the end you can tell from the look on her face that there is no way back.


Mac said...

I'd seen the first link and as you say, he soon saw through her mask.
The second link? Another beauty!! And now I'm going to miss out on another evening owing to the temptation of continually clicking my way down all the right-hand links. Thanks...