1 Feb 2018

And Then, Life’s Cycle...

As I’m pretty well snuffed-up on the DIY, and owing to quite inclement weather the past few days, I’ve had time aplenty to take in daytime TV and totally, like, rot my poor brain. Okay, accelerate the rot.

After a couple of days I noticed that the advertising, in the main, cunningly mirrors the modern life cycle.

Early doors you get the adverts for kids games and phone applications – commonly known as apps. These gradually give way to gooney twenty something girls who can’t boil an egg or do the vacuuming without dancing and grinning manically. Everything’s such great bloody fun. Then, as we approach lunch, with the young folk a tad older and getting paired off, we get the happy bank mortgage ad’s along with many reminders to get that ol’ life insure sorted PDQ.

Across lunch time and early afternoon comes the realisation, with a little more age and a mortgage, that all that stuff, plus that huge TV you’re watching, needs paying for. Is there an easy way? Sure is so step forward the gambling and lottery ‘verts. Guess wot. Bingo!! Didn’t work out too well did it?  Step forward the personal credit checkers, credit cards and the ever popular payday loan ad’s.

Moving on through the afternoon of life, here come those nice old folk to cheerfully remind you that your funeral is going to be a jolly expensive experience.

Thus the life cycle’s complete just in time for tea and if you continue watching TV after your evening nose-bag,  you’ll quickly get a feeling for what purgatory could be like.

Quote;  Daniela Gallo.

“Life; a cycle. A series of events, meetings, and departures. Friends discovered, others lost, Precious time, wastes away. Big droplet tears are shed for yesterday, but are dried in time for tomorrow, until all that remain are foggy, broken memories of a happy yesteryear.”

             C. M.  Schulz.

“Life is like a ten speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.”

Charles M. Schulz

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