14 Dec 2017

And Then Two To The Right...

I’m taking a couple of days rest from the decorating. Having said that, the wallpaper, room one, is finally up and, although I say so myself, it do look pretty average...

Well, so, why the rest? I hurt is why. Why? Well, you know when you’re lying a-bed in a somewhat restless sleep fretting about what needs doing come dawn and you tend to lie on your back then you turn to the left then back, then to the right then back again, then back to the left and so on and so forth, right? This is okay as long as your brain takes care of the synchronisation for your sleeping body. Sadly, at about four this AM, for reasons not yet fully understood, I lost sync and took two rapid rights in succession resulting in tipping myself out o’ bed.

No big deal other than whacking my head on the bedside draws. Once I’d landed I carefully probed my skull for damage and discovered my hand was sticky. I scrambled for the light and found I’d taken all the skin off the back of my right hand on a draw handle as I’d rapidly passed by on my way down – as neat as skinning a fish. Head found to be sound but somewhat lumpy – hand a right mess.

I was able to put my paper fitting skills to good use and managed to roll the skin roughly back into place. I didn’t bother with paste, I just waited ‘till the local pharmacy opened and got me a bunch of large breathable plasters. And I do mean large.

While waiting for the pharmacy to open I took aspirin for the headache and discovered another use for frozen sweet potato fries. I held a sack of ‘em on my head for half an hour to help reduce the egg sized swelling. Somewhat.

Thus the rest period.

Quote;  Dejan Stojanovic.

“Accidents are not accidents but precise arrivals at the wrong right time.”


Caratacus said...

Ouch ... but be assured, you are not alone. Happened to me a few weeks ago; over I went and out of the bed. I'd like to report that I landed like a cat, instantly alert ... but I didn't. Instead, I did my best impression of a pound of mince being dropped carelessly on to a tiled floor, sat there waiting for a fuller understanding to develop, then began giggling. The Memsahib was not amused.

Mac said...

Sorry for your misfortune but it did cheer me up no end so sorry and thank you.
Instantly alert? I have attempted to replay the fall and, doing it in slow motion, I believe I woke with the whack on the head - strange as head whacks usually put me to sleep - wondering where I was and where I was going and then landing with the agility of a breeze-block.
As I’m flying, as it were, solo right now, I’ve amended my sleeping position and now sleep center-bed rather than way over to one side. So far, so safe.
Now seeing if I can find any documentation that came with the bed to see if I have grounds to contact Injury Lawyers Are Us...