15 Dec 2017

And Then Music For The Times...

While aimlessly clicking my way round the fourth dimension a couple of days ago I spotted something by someone you just don’t hear of these days. Let’s give that no never mind as wot it did was remind me of another number by the fellow from back in the late seventies and I thought to myself, me being on my own at the moment an’ all, how the hell did this guy see all that was coming our way all that way back?

Think of all the recent scandals{?} involving rich chaps that, allegedly, touched a girls knee or bottom twenty years ago. All the LBQUERTY stuff we’re continually bombarded with. How we can now decide what gender we’d like to be on any day or hour. You want to be a girl or a boy? Man, Lady, puppy, squirrel? Damned if this song, from way back then, doesn’t encapsulate all that’s crazy in the here and now. Such are the mixed up, muddled up times we’re living in this toon, given sufficient air time, could well become the anthem for our times.

Timidadians, I’d give it a pass. No, really, I would.
Everyone else, let’s spread it around this weekend. Have a good one y’all.
Quote;  Lou Brutus.
“Music always sounds better on Friday.”

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