13 Dec 2017

And Then, A Lesson...

Posting will be spasmodic at best for a while longer as the paperhanging is progressing as well as can be expected, it being conducted by a geriatric gentleman of diminishing measuring and cutting correctly abilities. And why won’t those damn paper edges take past like they did in the past?

Other than that, early doors today I caught the BBC hyperventilating at the news of a Democrat win in the States. This was, of course, reported as a huge setback for Trumpton who’s days surely must now be numbered.

Interestingly, I had my knowledge of geography tested when the BBC fellow on the World Service breathlessly stated the election had been held in Alabarmer. I have to admit I’d always thought it was Alabama but he was a BBC chap so it must be right, right?

The mention of Alabama... sorry, Alabarmer, reminded me that tucked away on my history drive I had an old photo of a group of Alabama... sorry, Alabarmer hunting dogs. Seek and ye shall find. With apologies to the residents of Ala-whatever.

                       Alabama Hunters

I must away to prepare paste for the morrow. Bu-by.

Quote;  Thomas Jefferson.

“The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers.”


Ripper said...

Don't know if you ever noticed Mac, but you paste the paper and lift it from the table - it then proceeds to stick like magic to everything within 10 yards as if it were magnetic. You struggle to the wall, wrapped in pasted paper and after much wrangling, get it on the wall... and does it stick? No.

Mac said...

Noticed? Happens 9 length in 10 to me. Man, I can get number 10 on the wall, turn round and find it’s following me. And oh the joy of doing window recesses...