21 Dec 2017

And Then, Two Things...

I woke up this morning... cue rhythm guitar... and two things sprang front and centre in my old head. Firstly, it’s the winter solstice, thus the days will start to get longer. That’s not strictly true is it? Okay, the days will start to stay lighter longer. And who better to sing of this joyful turn in time that Mr Tull. Again.


Secondly I woke to the fact I am now seventy one. That would be a 7 and a 1 in numbers. Now I know why my little nest of vipers chose to visit home at this time. No bloody birthday present.

Hard to believe I, and many like me, made it here at all what with having to wade to school through snow drifts, having first scratched our names in the ice on our bedroom windows. That would be on the inside by the way. And here we are. Wanted to see our buds? Jump on your bike – no armour or fluorescent clown kit required. And here we are. If they lived further afield, reach for pen and paper, an envelope and head for the post box. Yup, we made it, in relative luxury compared to those that came before us, without satellite TV. Actually, no TV at all. No smartphones,  – or any phone – and without Google to guide us through the day.  And here we are.

As with the majority, off to work at sixteen without the ‘protection’ of any health and safety or worker protection in the workplace stuff. And here we are. Smoking where ever smokers wanted to smoke and and so many other freedoms of choice we’ve lost. Remember ashtrays in doctors and dentists waiting rooms?

So happy birthday to me. Happy? Let’s amend that a tad; I’ll just enjoy the day as I sure am happy to be here but sad to see time screaming by birthday by birthday. Here’s an old one {pun?} by Mr Young. Just for me...


Quote;  George Burns.

“When I was young I was called a rugged individualist. When I was in my fifties I was considered eccentric. Here I am doing and saying the same things I did then and I'm labelled senile.”


Ripper said...

Happy birthday Mac, I turn 61 myself in January. Don't be too disheartened by the lack of a birthday present - going by your previous posts which mentioned your nest of vipers, you probably would have got a colander..

Yes, the ice on the windows, no heating in the bedrooms and in our house, no electricity. Damn good coal fire though. School leaving age was 15 back then and I took the first opportunity to get out into the world and earn some money. I hated school and couldn't wait to get away - that is, until I experienced life as an apprentice - tied up, stripped naked and thrown outside, genitals greased with heavy grease mixed with iron filings, left hanging on the overhead crane over dinner break.. you name it, I got it. Good times - not.

Caratacus said...

And another wish for a Happy Birthday, Mac!

The years do seem to slip by at an alarming rate ... I hit 64 this year and will be getting a meagre pension from HMG next Feb, if I make it that far; never thought I'd do it I must say. Still, a life of self-denial and a spartan diet :-) has its rewards, I suppose.

So, I shall be raising a glass to your continued rude health this evening ... well, no I won't, I'll be hanging off a bottle of Grouse like a fruit-bat as usual, but you get my drift! All the very best. C.

Mac said...

Thanks for that. A colanders you say? That could’ve been a real possibility despite only one of her rather impressive collection ever being used.
Those were the days eh? I like to say I joined my first ship aged 15 all be it only five or six weeks before birthday number 16.
I well remember being asked at the end of the apprenticeship interview if I had anything to ask and saying that as the coming Christmas could be my last at home for the forceable future, It would be nice if I could get to spend it at home - if possible. “No problem.” came the reply and thus I joined my first ship three weeks later towards the end of November...
All the best for the time of year. Let’s eat, drink and be grumpy.

Mac said...

Thank you and happy retirement when it arrives my friend.
”... hanging off a bottle of Grouse like a fruit-bat.” conjures up a wonderful image! Thank you. And that would be me hanging off the other side.
Best wishes for the season to you and all yours.