30 Nov 2017

And Then, Plastering...

In and out today as I’m getting ready to skim plaster tomorrow. No big deal other than it’s a ceiling and I’m rubbish at plastering walls so it should be fun. Yeah, right. We will see. It do take my mind off the shambles all around me at the moment though what with the Brexit debacle and now everyone slamming Trumpton for Tweeting uncomfortable home truths. Seems to me that all these PC folk just haven’t got a clue how to handle this pesky non-PC person with power. 

Anyhoo, just here to put this up wot I saw over at Nourishing Obscurity and I’m sticking it here so I don’t misplace it as it did make me smile a while.


Quote;  Zig Ziglar.

“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude “

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