27 Nov 2017

And Then A Little In-store Fun.

Today, in preparation for a task, I had cause to pop into one of they DIY type shops. Not the big ones but one of they tool station {there’s a clue} type stores you find tucked away on industrial and warehousing estates. Those stores that, as soon as you pay, ‘need’ your address and E-mail address.
At the time, I was the sole customer confronted by three staff comprising a young fellow, a very pretty young lady of colour and an older guy who’s chest pin informed me he was the manager and they were all eager to serve me.

“Do you sell disposable overshoes?” I politely enquired.
”That we do. How many would you like?” Came the reply.
”None, I’m just doing a survey of all the outlets round here to see who does sell ‘em.”
At this, the pretty young lady of colour took their catalogue from a pile and started. “We’ve got drills an’ sanders an’ saws...” I relented and placed my order for overshoes and thought the time was ripe for the old{?} joke.
”I got an E-mail from Screwfix Direct this morning....” and the mention of the competition drew groans from all behind the counter. “...thanking me for my enquiry but stating they weren’t a dating service.” I expected smiles but wot I got was three folk exploding in laughter. Eventually the overshoes arrived, I proffered my coin and the manager chap said with a big smile and a wink, “After that, she’s going to ask for your address.”
That she did, grinning from ear to ear.

Finally, all done, I bade farewell, turned and headed for the door and it was then I heard the pretty young lady of colour say something. I turned sharply to see three smiling faces and asked excitedly, “I’m sorry; what did you just say?” the pretty young lady of colour held up a catalogue and said, “I said do you want a book.”
”Oh, right. No thanks.”
And so I moved on to the sound of happy laughter.

Quote;  Bo Derek.

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.”

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