3 Dec 2017

And Then, That Is That...

Wot is wot then? That would be the ceiling skim plastering job I was dreading. All done and looking good. Just need to let it dry for a week or couple then paint and that’ll be JD.

The preparation, important, was a long messy process as there were two layers of a paper much loved by my generation - wood chip, interspersed with years of coatings of emulsion and gloss paint and by the time that lot came off the original plaster surface was a mess thus the need for a skim.

After the prep work and weighing-up the skim job it went amazingly trouble free. I got a proper plasterer in and wot it cost, surprisingly not too much at all, was a gift compared to the pain and heartache I’d have inflicted upon myself attempting, at my age, to do it myself. And four hours for a smooth ceiling done by a professional compared to four weeks of lumpy misery for me; no contest.

Moving on to strip and re-paper the big bedroom next. I can do that. Paper hanging can be quite a relaxing and satisfying task. Can be. On the other hand...

By-the-by Mrs May-Day, it would seem you also enjoy a bit o’ do it yourself. However, it’s a mystery to us folk down here as to what exactly it is you’re attempting to do. Tell you wot, you hang wallpaper while them from down the pub sort the country out. Judging by how you’re getting on, I’m betting the pub ‘politicians’  could get the country sorted satisfactorily before you even got the paper picked.

Quote;  Ze Frank.

“Having someone do certain things for you is like getting someone to chew your food for you. It might be easier to swallow but it loses all its flavour... And you want the flavour!”

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