11 Nov 2017

And Then, It’s Just Numbers...

I took a break from my DIY project this afternoon and watched one of those How The Universe Works programs. I find them absolutely fascinating even though they tend to make my head hurt as all the numbers are ridiculously huge and impossible for me to compute.

The episode I watched related to the end of the universe and it seems something with the bad boy name of black energy will be our downfall. I sat up and took better notice when it was mentioned that black energy will tear the entire universe and its contents, that’s everything, absolutely everything apart and it’ll all disappear in one second.

Damn, put the tools away; what’s the point? Then it was postulated that this process – not the final second bit  but the bit leading up to that bit – will start in a hundred trillion years from now. As dumb as I be I do know that a trillion is a lot of years but a hundred of they trillions? Damn, get the tools back out as I do believe I’ll have time to get the job done.

It later became apparent that, however badly my project goes, I’ll definitely have time to make it good as it transpired, if I took this in correctly, that the one hundred trillion years is just to get to the start of the period when black energy will start to do its thing and there’ll be a further ten billion years of stuff happening from then to progress to the next stage and then there’ll be a further period of stuff happening over another ten trillion years before we reach the final one second blink into nothing.

Like I say, absolutely fascinating stuff but exactly what we, or the clever folk who figured it out, are supposed to do with this information I’m not fully sure at this time. For sure a tad early to start making any preparations.

I’ve been here before and I’m here again as it does, however, give you pause for thought regarding what it’s all about and all the theories from cleaver people are really no more solidly provable than the idea that this is all just a blink in some kids computer game being played in some other dimension. The cleaver folk have no idea what caused the big bang, right? It’s it obvious to me that the big bang was when the kit powered up his ‘puter.

Tell you wot though, looking round at the world, that kids old man needs to get his ass up to his kids bedroom and tell him to give his head a good sharp shake ‘cause he’s just messing with us right now. The kid could, however, be running his dimensions type of Windows 10 and that would answer a lot of the questions regarding the mess we’re presently in...

And Thus a Saturday toon. Enjoy as you drift back and away.

Quote;  Douglas Adams.

“All you really need to know for the moment is that the universe is a lot more complicated than you might think, even if you start from a position of thinking it's pretty damn complicated in the first place.”

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