13 Nov 2017

And Then, No Surprise...

I’m guessing you’ve all seen the latest LBQUERTY stuff that’s hit the news, right? The church bit about boys being allowed to wear girl stuff doesn’t surprise me as they themselves have been wearing long frocks for, like ever so it’d be hard for them to object.

But the teacher in deep do-do for doing what he did? Damned if he didn’t call a girl a girl.  Isn’t that just calling a spade a spade? Oh, wait, sorry...

   A maths teacher at a school in Oxfordshire has been suspended and will appear at a disciplinary hearing to answer allegations that he referred to a pupil born female as a ‘girl’.
   In November, a complaint was made against Christian teacher, Joshua Sutcliffe from Oxford, that he referred to a transgender pupil as a “girl”, rather than the desired ‘boy’. The pupil had self-declared as ‘male.

I really don’t understand this bit below from the second link at all but it did make me smile at the sadness of it all;

   According to documents seen by the Mail on Sunday, the school also found Mr Sutcliffe to have been in breach of the school’s equality policies when he referred to the teenager by name, rather than using male pronouns.

If you want to tuck your frocks in your socks you can read more here and also here.

In all honesty I shouldn’t be surprised as our ‘education’ system has been brainwashing their charges for a long time now so why not add a little light brain-bending as well?

That is definitely it for me as very soon now nobody will know exactly what, who, why, when or if they really are. Bu-by.

However, there is good news out there as I see a dietitian has declared that two burgers are better for you than one with fries and that news couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Hope you remembered to get a ‘buy’ in on any and all fast food stocks.


Quote;  Sarah Waters.

“Clad not exactly as a boy but, rather confusingly, as the boy I would have been, had I been more of a girl.”


A K Haart said...

A chap might think that schools can be relied on to tell the difference between boys and girls but apparently not. The trouble is, when the world gets madder nobody really notices because it was mad to begin with.

Mac said...

A K Haart,
If we really are just living in that kid in another dimensions version of the computer game Civilization, even he must be looking at where he’s got to and thinking, “Uh ho, I’ve, like, totally lost the plot here; this is getting too stupid now,” and so he's moving his cursor towards the ‘End Game-Delete Data-Restart’ button.
Let’s hope he’s learned lessons and makes a better fist of it next time.
Who knows how many times he’s played, messed up and restarted before. Those games must’ve been beauties.