9 Nov 2017

And Then, How Sad...

From Underdogs Bite Upwards comes something jolly interesting as you can see from the pinched picture below. Can you picture future phone conversations?
”Hay, congratulations!! Is it a boy or a girl?”
”Why thanks. Boy or girl you ask? Oh far too early to tell as it can’t talk yet so we’re just going to call it ‘It’ until it decides what it wants to be.”
Babyself? How sad can people get? I really do hope their lives continue to be so, obviously, empty as if anything of any consequence comes along they will have no chance  of dealing with it so I also hope they don’t roam too far from their safe spaces.


Then I spotted a seemingly loan loon complainer has gone ape over a major store chain having the audacity to have segregated changing rooms. Oh, wait! He? Her? It’s a performance artist and writer so that makes all the difference. Oh, wait, guess wot? The top shop out there is bowing to the ‘pressure’. How sad can people get?

As a commenter said on that site, we are living in times when glancing at a lady can be construed as harassment but a loan loon can make a major retailer introduce ‘all comers’ changing rooms. That commenter states that he no longer knows if he’s coming or going.

When will somebody ‘up there’ finally snap and say, “Right. That’s it. Enough. Round ‘em all up and let’s get ‘em sectioned.” Obviously not at this time.

The hell with it. I want to be a squirrel.

Quote;  Vernon Howard.

“Humanity appreciates truth about as much as a squirrel appreciates silver.”


Ripper said...

Oh, I don't know Mac, things can't really be that bad - have you seen the results of the little poll in the article? 91% of people would feel uncomfortable with gender neutral changing rooms - which must translate to a sharp decline in Top Shop's profits.

"The hell with it. I want to be a squirrel."

Yes but would that be a male squirrel, a female squirrel or a trans squirrel? They all have to use the same tree you know.


Mac said...

Yes, I saw the poll; just another little example of what the people want that’s ignored by those who are supposed to represent the majority view.
As for the squirrel, I’m approaching 71 so not yet old enough to decide gender details.