14 Oct 2017

And Then A Small Jet...

Give me a couple more days, okay?

A couple of days ago I discovered, by pure luck, an almost invisible water leak below the kitchen sing. The bad news was that, on closer inspection, it looked like it’d been leaking for quite some time. The good news? The leak was before the water meter. As work progressed it looked like the valve had received a blow when some cleaning kit had been put back in the cupboard. Now I’m not for one minute suggesting it was my  clumsy little nest of vipers wot done did it. However, it most definitely wasn’t me.

The leak was at the back of the lower connection of the main stop tap and was just a constant little jet straight at the rear wall. No sink unit backing here so as to facilitate all the in and out and branch and washer and garden tap spaghetti pipework and the meter.

When I removed the sink unit front kickboard I’m betting you can guess wot I done discover. Yup, a small boating lake below all the units which, in turn, had soaked into and up all the raw plastered walls behind the units. How could this be? Simple. The floor tiles aren’t laid right up to the walls below the units – just far enough to be cool and no more resulting in a perfect hidden water catchment area so no flow detected our side of the units. Damn!

More wat... later when all returns to what passes for normal here. I’m also going to rig a little leak detector under there.

Quote; ??

“I got a letter from ScrewFix Direct thanking me for my interest, but explaining they were not a dating agency.”

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