11 Oct 2017

And Then, A Shots Fired...

Further to the infrequent series on movie and TV annoyances – okay, annoying to the elderly. Okay, annoying to me – we were watching a movie the other evening, classed as a thriller, that followed the usual plot that involved a climax where the one good guy is in an office building being perused by twenty bad guys.

In these movies the bad guys are always armed with machine pistols and the good guy with just the one hand gun. Luckily, the good guys hand gun is fitted with one of they new twenty thousand round ammo clips whereas the bad guys machine pistols are still using the old two thousand round clips.

Also worthy of note, from a gripping movie point of view, there’s always plenty of plywood desks and bookshelves to provide cover and protection, for the goodies and the baddies, from the fusillade of hot lead being fired at each other from a range of roughly ten feet. And it takes forever for any one of these highly trained fellows to land a hit.

This reminded me of a classic Leslie Nielson clip from back in the day. Hang in for the last couple of lines of dialogue in this clip. So simple – so funny. The last one? “Just a little hunch back at the office.”... Imagine the  social media wailing and squealing total meltdown that’d cause in these ‘enlightened’, oh so politically correct times.


Impossible not to laugh at this clip. Frank Drebin’s starts his interview of a young lady; he pulls out his smokes and says, “Cigarette.” to which the lady replies, “Yes, I know.” The closing scene is the same as the above clip so please repeat my last sentence from below the above clip. No, the clip above the lower clip.

Quote;  Terry Hayes.

“Nobody’s ever been arrested for a murder; they’ve only ever been arrested for not planning it properly.”

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