10 Oct 2017

And Then A Hush...

Well, so, here we are all the way to Tuesday and still the BBC, ITV and Sky are managing to keep totally shtum on that big march that took place down the smoke on Saturday attended by, estimates range from a tad too low ten to a tad too high seventy thousand fellows.

Despite the MSM blackout, I found a good piece over here that’s well worth a read {read} and the comments are pretty much ‘together’ relating to the articles contend. One comment was a quote wot I’ve used as the quote for the bottom of this session of typing.

Imagine if you will, that had been a march, attended by just one hundred, organised by some LGBQUERTYKEYBOARD group protesting about the perceived discriminatory range of colours available in supermarket clothing departments or something similar but not too clearly defined. Any march involving a slack handful of our newest bestest ever friends? Man, those TV folk would be all over it giving it twenty four hour rolling coverage for the whole month - plus another for luck - with breathless ‘interviews’ with attendees allowing them to state their case uninterrupted. And let’s not forget the march organisers getting centre-stage on every news, current affairs and panel show possible.  But a huge, peaceful London-stopping march by the Football Lads Alliance, joined by Veterans Against Terrorism? Nothing. Not a peep. Not a hint. As far as they’re concerned, it never happened. Oh, and trust me, in the not too distant future our ‘betters’ will declare the FLA a naughty-righty organisation and shut ‘em down. When, not if, they do, shortly thereafter you’ll hear a shrill whistle indicating it’s kick-off time.

I doubt all these ‘news’ outlets take the decision not to cover certain news items independently so  the question is who exactly gets hold of all these broadcasters and instructs them to secure a firm lid on some news items and scream other items incessantly - and why? Okay, we know why; but who? And don’t they see how stupid that makes ‘em all look?

Quote;  G. K. Chesterton.

"Smile at us, pay us, pass us; but do not quite forget: For we are the people of England, that never have spoken yet."

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