7 Oct 2017

And Then, Fine Fashion...

Did you see Old Mother May giving her speech of defiance yesterday? Very smartly turned out was she not? Man, is that lady ever a slave to high fashion or wot. Who chooses her kit? The gardener? The No 10 cat?

Prime Minister Theresa May arriving for a Macmillan Cancer charity coffee event in Reading, she responded to claims of a plot involving Tory MPs to oust her from Number 10, saying she is providing

And then, thought I to me, I’ve seen something like that jacket somewhere before. Was it an Upholsterers pattern book? A bargain wallpaper sample book? Was it worn by some guy getting custard pies thrown at him at a circus? Well I’ll be damned! Prompted by a comment, I remember not where, it dawned on me where I’d seen that jacket before. It’s one of good ol’ Chubby Brown’s cast asides from his earlier days; the days before he started to dress a tad more conservatively...


Now for the tough one; who would you rather spend an evening with down the pub? Correct and he’d probably make a better fist of the top job to boot but, no, it definitely would not be an evening for Timidadians. There’s no safe space when Chubby lets loose.

Quote;  Coco Chanel.

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”


Caratacus said...

D'you mean that jacket was actually made like that?? I thought she'd had an accident with a pint of claret on one side and then, during a second coughing fit, her night-time tumbler of creme de menthe the other. Obliged, as ever, for putting me straight on that one ;-)

Love to see CB in government; I can imagine his dealing with G. Shapps (or whatever he's calling himself this week). The thought of the little bundle of spite presenting himself white-faced at the local A&E for the removal of a microphone from a most personal area of his anatomy is a happy one indeed ...

Mac said...

I’m trying to find a shirt of similar garishness to that jacket as it’d save the embarrassment of me having to put a bib on when eating out.
As for Chubby, he should be leading our talks with the EU. They may not fully understand him but they’d sure get his drift in a heartbeat, agree to all terms, grab their briefcases and leave the room PDQ. Job done.