5 Oct 2017

And Then A Shock...

While I was bumbling around the Web of the world yesterday, all on my own, I ran into a picture that rang a little tinkly type bell sound way at the back of my head. I did a clicky to take me ever onwards and discovered it was an old Chinese bowl. After clicking yet further my heart nearly gave out in great excitement. Below is the bowl in question and it reportedly sold at auction for a mere thirty eight million bucks. Yup, one little old bowl, thirty eight mill.

                          38 Mill 

Anyhoo, this would excite me for why exactly? The why is we have six almost identical bowls in the kitchen cupboard that’s why! Thirty eight million bucks for one and we’ve got a set of six? In different colours even! Oh boy!

The laptop went across the room and, laughing and whooping like only a demented, prospective multi-millionaire can, I bounded, very elderly gazelle-like  to the kitchen and thus the cupboard and threw open the doors to check the marking on our multi-million buck bounty.  I then returned to the sitting room, picked up the laptop bits, glued the screen bit back onto the keyboard bit and sat back down to calm my aching heart as there was nary a hint of Ru or, in fact, any Chinese lookin’ marks on our bowls at all. Sadly, our bowls are stamped ‘Basic Budget Bowls’. Oh, and they’re plastic.  Back to the lottery of last resort it is then.

However, my disappointment at finding our plastic bowls don’t date back to the Song Dynast was dwarfed into insignificance after hearing nothing remotely conservative, between coughs, silence, security breakdowns and the set dissolving, coming from Mrs May-Be-Gone. I feel she should’ve spent a little time studying one of the great orators of our time. It is, of course, quite possible she did...

Looking at all the recent government ‘disasters’, one has to believe that there’s actually a really scary end game in play here.** An end game that’s being carefully, but not too subtly, orchestrated by who knows who from who knows where. Please substitute any or all examples of ‘who’ with ‘whom’ dependent on your mastery of Unwinian English.
**Note to self: Do I need more tin foil?

Addendum: You spot my deliberate mistake last night? ‘And Then Another One’s Gone...’ Wrong Cash number imbedded. Right Cash number now bedded-in. Or im. Sorry about that.

Quote;  Homer Simpson.

“Son, if you really want something in this life, you have to work for it. Now shut up! They're about to call the lottery numbers.”

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