16 Oct 2017

And Then, It’s All In The Angle...

I have to put my hands up to the fact I stole the pictures below from Guide Fawkes comments, sorry and thank you, and also have to admit to not having a scooby who the front man is, wot TV channel it is – other than the fact it says EN Direct of course - or the political leanings of those in shot or wot the ‘protest’ is about other than they seem to like red.

Let’s give all the above no never mind for a moment; let’s just call it another chapter in that ol’ topic, the camera never lies.

Look closely and, under the trees, you’ll just make out a slack handful of wot I assume to be protesters protesting about who knows wot, with a red banner. See them? They’re out there in front of the TV reporter, ringed, resplendent in red neck protector.


That shots not really getting the message across is it? Not very ‘exciting’ TV. However, using that depth of field photography thingy a handful can quickly become a full scale, almost revolutionary, protest. Just don’t pan that camera, okay? Now THAT’S good TV.


Sorry, but it has to be said again, believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.

As for news of the Austrian election on BBC TV, it looks like that ol’ windy thingy Ophelia blew the result right out o’ sight.
Coming soon to all TV channels: Four hour specials featuring reporters standing in the wind and the rain discussing how Ophelia
was caused by Brexit and the rise of the far-right...

Quote;  Steve Wright.

“Everyone has a photographic memory but some don't have film.”

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