27 Aug 2017

And Then, Back We Be...

...and where have we been? Not too far actually. We woke to find fine August weather had finally arrived so took to the car for a meander hither and thither on the highways and byways.

When we got to the nearest main drag to take us out of town it quickly became apparent a couple o’ billion other car owners woke with the same idea so a sneaky wee ‘U’ turn later and we were home where we enjoyed the fine day doing a little to nothing in the garden.

In other news, concerning asking the police for help, ...police will prioritise elderly people and non English speakers. 
Happily, we have that covered both ways wot with me being classed as very much old with her indoors catching up right quick, plus her mastery of the English language utilising only fifteen letters of the alphabet.

The iPhone? One ‘problem’ remaining. I can’t find a way of cleaning the ‘recent calls’ list in Skype. I’m working on it but to date even Dear Google... isn’t helping. No biggie, just irritating. I’m irritated by a list? How sad is that then?

Got it. I think. Log out on phone, log in on PC and in Options, Privacy hit ‘Clear history’ then select ‘No history’. As a by-the-by, I tried this before but may have forgotten to sign out on the phone as the list was still there so I guess Skype stores it  somewhere on the phone. Anyhoo, where am I? Right, I then deleted and reinstalled Skype on her phone and the Recent Calls list is gone. No history selected on the PC so is the list gone for good or gone for now? We’ll see what happens. Man, this is exciting...

Quote;  Allan Lokos.

“Technology offers us a unique opportunity, though rarely welcome, to practice patience.”

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