8 Jul 2017

And Then A Speaker...

During my leisurely scrolling through numerous Blogs an’ such, it would seem Jacob Rees-Mogg, a chap I’ve obviously heard of but paid little to no attention to, is the new super hero who’s destined to save our poor little country.

This could be true as, to me, he comes across as the breath of honest fresh air the country so badly needs. Seems he’s all for funding stuff here, that there’s presently no money for, by using money from that goofy Foreign Aid bung. He’s also for scrapping that multi-million pound, thirty minute saving train set. On that subject, I bet it’d be cheaper to launch one of they remote controlled tunnel boring thingies from London, point it at Birmingham, let it do its thing then just tie the tunnel into the London underground network. JD.

Anyhoo, on one site there was a clip wot was a Mogg-centric edit of another program I never watch, BBC Question Time. I must say it was immensely refreshing to listen to someone from ‘up there’ speaking clearly and concisely and managing to restrict themselves to just a couple of uses of the infamous ‘Well,’ word.

Well, wot a wondrous thing the Web is; here's the clip in question.

Later, I ran into a comment by someone with the unlikely name of Ratsniffer and the bit wot jumped out at me, not literally you understand, is below. As it’s just one sentence from the comment, I’ve taken the liberty of editing the segment a tad so’s it reads a bit better in its stand-alone form.

Relating to Jacob Rees-Mogg; “...he speaks with a clarity which makes the rest of them sound like they’re reading the shipping forecast backwards.”

How true is that then. It made me smile out loud.

Quote;  Dorothy Sarnoff.

"Make sure you have finished speaking before your audience has finished listening."


A K Haart said...

Some people don't like Rees-Mogg, but he as you say he speaks clearly and concisely. Those who don't speak as he does are usually hiding something.

Mac said...

A. K. Haart,
Could it be, as he’s a politician, he’s just honing his skills of misdirection as practised by all the great illusionists?
I guess part and parcel of having the levers of power in your hands is the ability to misdirect the people away from the bad and towards the good and those presently holding those levers are rubbish at this. Then,when a moderately good illusionist comes along, we’re all fooled by that illusion.
How about the government assembles a few of the best illusionists from the field of entertainment and lets them, rather than the present crop, be the public face of government? The country would still be careering downhill at an alarming rate of knots but those guys have such a finely crafted talent for illusionary misdirection it’d be very easy for them to convince us all that we’re actually enjoying the ride.