10 Jul 2017

And Then, A Frosty Morning...

It’s another warm, damp day here so what am I talking about? One of my favourite jobs is wot I’m talking about. Defrosting the freezer. I always leave it too late to be an easy job and always put it off ‘till the interior would make a perfect playground for a polar bear.

However, over time I’ve perfected the task to enable it to be done with little physical and time expenditure and below I’ll outline my method which may be of help to those of you that, like me, leave it too late to be too easy.

The kit you’ll need is minimal and found in any kitchen; a bucket and a kettle. That is it and all you need to do is turn off the freezer - and to err on the side of safety, pull the plug from the electrickery socket - keep boiling water until you’ve half-filled the bucket then launch the boiling water into the freezer aiming for first strike towards the top. That would be the inside top and not the outside top. Two buckets should see the job done.

Okay, the clean-up leaves a lot to be desired but as I leave that to my little nest of vipers, I don’t see any urgency in refining that at this time.

Drying the freezer is achieved by placing one of they disposable barbeque thingies, charcoal in a foil tray, in the bottom and firing it up for fifteen minutes. It’s a good idea to have the bucket filled with water to hand and to stay pretty close to the freezer during the drying stage. Especially if you live in a high-rise...

There’s one more step in the preparation stages you may wish to consider and that is to remove the food from the freezer before starting. I don’t go to that additional trouble myself as the food goes hard again later anyway, right?

Top Tips:-
1) This method is for upright freezers.
2) IMPORTANT! Please ensure the freezer door is in the open position.
3) When throwing in the water, stand at a respectful distance from the freezer to avoid boiling splash-back. (See Note 1)
4) Only throw the water into  the freezer. Keep a tight hold of the
5) To be super safe regarding water and electrickery, if possible locate the main junction box on your street and throw the breaker for your neighbourhood. Remember to throw it the other way when you’re finished. If you’re a tad nervous about this breaker throwing operation, knowing
that electrickery hurts, send her indoors to do it. If she’s not back in a half hour, forget the freezer and crack a bottle.

NOTE: For heavens sake, please don’t try this at home. It’s NOT a proper tip. Damn!! Why do I even have to think I have to point that out?

Quote;  Joan Rivers.

“I hate housework. You make the beds, you wash the dishes and six months later you have to start all over again.”


A K Haart said...

We recently bought one of those frost-free freezers. I had my doubts about them but so far it has remained ice-free and doesn't seem to use much more electricity than the old one. It's noisier because of the fan but nothing to bother about. My hearing isn't too sharp these days anyway.

Mac said...

A. K. Haart,
That will be the rout I’ll take when this fridge-freezer finally gives up the ghost. That's assuming he gives up his ghost before I give up mine ...

Ripper said...

My method isn't too far removed from your's to be honest Mac - I have a frost free now but the old one had a semi circular groove at the bottom of the door opening. Into this I inserted a piece of plastic pipe, with a tray sitting under it in front of the freezer. After emptying the freezer of food (its a good idea to do this BEFORE shopping day)a large bowl of boiling water is placed in the bottom of the freezer. You'll soon hear large lumps of ice dropping off and its less messy if these are collected up and disposed of before they melt.

Though yes, I know that your post is a reference to a certain tower block. That incident has taught me that its a bad idea to chain your woman to the fridge.

Mac said...

Now that idea is damn good and I will most definitely try that - or a variant - next time I do the job.
As for the fridge ‘fire’I'm full sure there’s more to that than we’ll ever hear about.