11 Jul 2017

And Then A Phrase...

Over the past bit of a while, as I run into news that’s hard to believe, I’ve tended to use the phrase, ‘Just when you think things can’t get any worse...’ No more will I type that as it seems to encourage sad and stupid stuff to surface.

And the latest sadness to sail across my browsing bow? A transgender phoned Transport for London - remember that bit – phoned -  and the nineteen year-old  got all upset and stated to the press, “I just said but I am, I am Aimee Challenor, and they replied ‘but you don’t sound like a miss’. I was just in shock, I didn’t really know how to respond.”

The poor thing didn’t know how to respond? Shrug your shoulders, flick your hair and laugh? Get on with your life? Not a chance. Nineteen years old? Contact your MP is the way to go. And the result of that contact? The MP, who’s obviously as nuts as as the nineteen year old and must have a pretty empty calendar, contacted the Mayor of London. He, in turn, as nuts as he is, apologised unreservedly and is now even considering banning the use of,  ‘Ladies and gentlemen’ from the start of public announcements on the London transport system in favour of a more ‘inclusive’ term... Wot, one wonders, would that term be then? Something modern and catchy like, “LGBQUERTY, binaries and non-binaries, welcome to the ten fifteen to.....”

Please note this is not a post along the lines of the freezer cleaning fun; this is happening.

How did it ever get to the point where a minority group, nay one member of a minority group, could squeal in righteous indignation and, potentially, get a polite, formal, normal, form of salutation, that’s been in use since the year dot, consigned to the dustbin of history?

Quote;  Charles Osgood.

“Being Politically Correct means always having to say you're sorry.”

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