21 Jun 2017

And Then, Over The Edge...

Bet that got you all of a clicky eh? The edging wot I be talking of is wot’s called wood roll garden edging. This is knocked into the ground and stops the soil from the flower beds migrating into the gravel. Now this is really cleaver, it also works the other way and keeps the gravel out of the flower bed soil. How, like, awesome is that then? Below is it but it’s not mine as that green bit is grass not gravel.


It’s been in there for a while now and a couple of small sections were rotting out – as they do - so yesterday it was off to the store for a couple of new rolls. Same shop, same log roll, same price. Remember that; you’ll need it later.

The pain with this stuff is the painting of it with wood preserver but this time I let my brain do the work. The answer was to find a container big enough for the log rolls to fit in, fill it with the preserver and feed the rolls in and hope I get that Archimedes thingy right. That’ll work! And I did have a storage box. It’s been stored in the storage shed for quite some time as I didn’t have any success using it for the original storage purpose I purchased it for as my little nest of vipers just wouldn’t stop kicking about long enough for me to secure the lid properly...

Short story a tad longer, it all went well. Except... After an overnight soak, I laid out the new roll along the old length. Guess wot. Well, wot with inflation an’ all, the new roll is one roll piece short of  the old roll. Damn! I said but I also thought well done those log roll manufacturing fellows for keeping those important margins in place their end.

Quote;  Charles Dudley Warner.

“What a man needs in gardening is a cast-iron back, with a hinge in it.”

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